LOOK LIKE ME: Emotional Intelligence, New Masculinities and Non Violent Communication to Deconstruct Gender Stereotypes

Start: 01-12-2021 - End: 01-12-2023
Project Reference: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000031591
EU Grant: 227.005,00 €
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices
Action Type: Cooperation partnerships in school education

Project Summary


LOOK LIKE ME aims to develop a training and educational plan that has a direct impact on teachers and students in secondary education (14-18 years old) to prevent the potential problems that gender discrimination can cause in adulthood. Our main objective is to develop Emotional Intelligence, Nonviolent Communication and Alternative Masculinities models to:

  • Deconstruct traditional gender stereotypes and their replacement by more egalitarian, inclusive and diverse ones.
  • Promote equal opportunities and the prevention of gender violence.
  • Provide students with competences in order to empower and critically position themselves in the face of stereotypes, inequality and gender violence.
  • Train teachers in the three areas mentioned above as well as in the use of the educational tools provided by this project, to fight against gender stereotypes and their consequences on their students.


LOOK LIKE ME will produce three Project Results:

  • In PR1 (ATHENEA) The project consortium will develop a training system of 18 podcasts for Secondary school teachers in the application of Emotional Intelligence, Nonviolent Communication and Alternative Masculinities to deconstruct stereotypes and roles based on traditional concepts of masculinity and femininity.
  • In PR2 (IRIS), the consortium will bring together a collection of 18 videos as case studies. These will show how gender equality and equity produce successful and transformative initiatives that improve society, economy, and culture, generating a positive impact in Europe, generating a didactic resource.
  • In PR3 (HEFESTO), the consortium will create an educational resource bank with 24 online tools for students based on EI, NVC and Alternative Masculinities to develop and foster diversity, egalitarian values, equal opportunities, prevention of sexism and gender-based violence in students.
  • In the multiplier events, the project consortium will hold workshops to ensure sustainability of the project results beyond the partnership and project life.


IMPACT ON PARTICIPANTS: Participants will discover a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment inside the organization: ready to integrate good practices and new training methods. LLM will open synergies between organizations active in different fields and strategic planning of professional development for staff in line with individual needs and organizational objectives.

IMPACT ON PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS: Raising awareness and responding to the problem posed by gender stereotypes and roles, in the educational sphere, in different countries and with different realities in this situation. The concern and effort to increase social inclusion and equal opportunities at transnational level, in relation to gender discrimination in the field of education. Furthermore, LLM will provide partners of the innovative approaches for addressing their target groups, by providing : more attractive education and training programmes, in line with individual needs and expectations use of participatory approaches and digital methodologies greater effectiveness of activities for the benefit of local communities; new or improved practices to cater for the needs of targets groups with fewer opportunities new approaches to address social diversity; to deal with differences in learning outcomes linked to socio-economic disparities Moreover, participating organizations will increase their capacity and professionalism to work at EU/international level: improved management competences and internationalization strategies reinforced cooperation with partners from other countries other fields of education, training and other socio-economic sectors

IMPACT ON TARGET GROUP: LOOK LIKE ME addresses, from Secondary education, a very worrying problem such as gender stereotypes, which are behind the discrimination, inequality and exclusion suffered by girls and women. As has already been demonstrated throughout this application, it is a problem that affects, without exception, in different ways half of the European population in all Member States. LLM will impact on the primary target group (Secondary school teachers) in this way:

1. They will develop a global approach to teaching and learning, through the mainstreaming of gender equality work and prevention of gender-based violence.

2. They will be able to create inclusive educational environments that promote equity and equality.

3. Train education professionals to deconstruct traditional gender stereotypes and replace them with more egalitarian, inclusive and diverse stereotypes in their students.

4. Educate in key social and civic competences, using innovative learning approaches such as EI, NVC and Alternative Masculinities.

IMPACT ON STAKEHOLDERS: The consortium will use the project's outcomes in future initiatives on the same topic, disseminating them through all of its channels and incorporating them into its internal working dynamics. Furthermore, the multiplier events will have an impact on the participants by bringing them into direct contact with the end-users, ensuring that the project's activities attract stakeholders, policymakers, representatives of business associations, chambers of commerce, trade unions, and business fabric in order to disseminate and promote the project on as many levels as possible.


  • INDEPCIE SCA - Spain